About Cobbs Tools

Ours is a small business, which we see as a good thing, as it means we can pay attention to detail and always ensure we give you the best service as well as the best goods at very competitive prices.

We use these items ourselves on a daily basis, so we can honestly say they’re as good as any you’ll find, but don’t just take our word for it – pop along to our feedback page and see some recent comments left by our customers.

If you buy from us, don’t be shy about leaving some feedback of your own, we’d like to hear your views. We provide hook and loop backing pads for use by woodturners, car detailers and others in both 50mm and 75mm versions.

Although primarily designed for use in a drill, all our pads and spindles join together with a 6mm thread, so it’s possible to use the pads on other tools with the correct male thread.